Basic Sex Toys For Improving Orgasms And Squirting Techniques

Sex toys come in a wide variety of models, shapes, and sizes and they can vary from purely female or male toys. The majority of these toys are usually classified as marital aids or sex aids. However, there is also a good number of sex toys that can be used to enhance self-pleasure, especially female ones that can teach them how to reach better orgasms and how to squirt.4t56yhrtger

Enhanced stimulation and orgasms

In general, female sex toys are used to stimulate the female genitals, so as to make them more sensitive, as well as provide an enhanced feel to a normal sexual intercourse. There are also other types of sex toys, which are aimed at providing enhanced "environment" for all kinds of sex variations, such as orgy bed sheets. If a woman has problems with reaching orgasms, she can use these toys so as to teach herself how to reach better orgasms and improve her sex life, overall. Also, sex toys can also provide a certain fantasy element, which can be crucial in revitalizing and enhancing a relationship. In this article, we will cover some of the most basic sex toys that can improve your orgasms and squirting. If you want to know more, you can read this guide.

Sex toys that can enhance your orgasms


When it comes to some of the most popular squirting toys, we have to start from the vibrators. These are, without a doubt, the most common and simplest toys used by females. The main purpose of a vibrator is to stimulate the genitals, most commonly clitoris. However, it can also be used to stimulate other female body parts, as well.

The simplest and most commonly used types of vibrators are wand-shaped or pencil vibrators. These are usually equipped with an internal battery, which is used to power a small electric motor. Some models are also equipped with controllers and external battery packs that are wired to the vibrator.

Main uses

The main uses of vibrators include providing enhanced self-pleasure satisfaction and improving a woman's squirting technique. With a controller-equipped vibrator, a woman can basically "train" her clitoris, by controlling the power and the speed of the vibrator motions. With it, women can look for optimum settings and modify them by their degree of excitement. Therefore, for the best results, it is always advisable to look for controllable vibrators.

The majority of modern vibrator controllers will not allow their users only to control the speed and power, but also to select patterns of power surges and pulses. These settings are especially useful for women who want to improve their orgasms.

Toys for mechanical stimulation

t6yhrtger4In addition to battery-powered vibrators, there are also toys that can provide mechanical stimulation. These toys use their motors so as to continually change their shapes and create back and forth movements. Aside from the motor-powered toys, there are also those that utilize air pumps. These toys can come in the form of penetrative vibrators, mechanical licking tongues and more.

Combination sex toys

Since there are toys that utilize moving, thrusting and vibrating motions to stimulate the clitoris, it is not surprising that there are also toys that combine these movements in one, single package.

Rabbit ears

Some of the most popular combination toys are "Rabbit Ears" vibrators, which use vibrations to stimulate the clitoris and thrusting motions to stimulate the vagina. These sex toys can also feature varying surface textures, which can provide different or enhanced sensation. Some of these are ripples, soft spikes, and ridges. Just like all the previous toys, Rabbit ears can be effectively used to improve squirting techniques and sensations.