Sex is one of the most important activities in a relationship. However, as partners get further in the relationship, they tend to forget the little things that spiced their sex life in the early days. According to Gina Ogden, the author of The Return of Desire: A Guide to Rediscovering Your Sexual Passion, many couples usually start their relationships passionately but gradually do less to ensure the love remains, as the relationship progresses. Ogden, therefore, believes that couples should work hard to maintain the passion in their relationship. This article provides some tips that partners can use to improve their sex life.

Tips to improve your sex life

Develop emotional connection

The initial step towards improving your sex life is ensurinlsdnvlknasldvnlksandvlknsaldknvsadvg a strong emotional connection between you and your partner. Many couples with a poor sex life usually lack a strong emotional connection, which can evoke their sexual desires. It is, therefore, important that sexual partners find time to talk and explore their sexual desires. The partners’ conversations must be sincere. They should also confide in each other so as to improve their emotional connection.

Ogden believes that a stable loving relationship between sexual partners increases the propensity of passionate sex. Other sex experts believe that sexual partners should always maintain a positive emotional connection. This is because positive emotions often contribute to positive sexual desires and a better sex life.

Improve physical connection

Besides improving the emotional connection, it is also essential that couples enhance their physical connection. Sex is a physical activity that requires partners to be comfortable with each other. Hence, sexual partners should always ensure that they maintain some of the physical attributes that attracted their sexual partners in the first place.

Most people usually assume that physical attraction is not an important aspect of sex. This assumption is wrong because many couples are often attracted to the physical aspect first before anything else. Hence, couples should learn to maintain their best physical attributes and determine the some of the qualities that attracted their partners to improve their sex life.

Also, partners should find out other physical characteristics, such as sex position, which may be important to their partners and use these aspects to spice their sex life. A proper physical connection will ensure an improvement in couple’s sex life.

Improve intellectual connection

Some scholars believe that intlkaskdlkvnasldkvnlkasdnvlnasdvlnksadvsadvasdvsadvellect plays a key role in the choice of a sexual partner. At the beginning of many relationships, partners are usually witty and funny, in a bid to please, as well as attract each other.

However, as relationships progress wit and fun are sometimes set aside, especially when partners get too comfortable around each other. Couples need to maintain their intellectual connection so as to improve their sex life. Intellectual aspects such as joking and teasing ensure that couples maintain high levels of sexual attraction.

Furthermore, it makes partners comfortable with their position in the relationship, thus improving attraction and passion during sex. Mark Abraham, the author of the book Meet Your Sexual Mind: The Interaction between Instinct and Intellect and its Impact on Human Behavior asserted that couples who maintain proper levels of intellectual connection tend to enjoy a better sex life than their counterparts who do not.